Additional Services

Translation agency Trador offers the following free services:

· Correcting Proofs
· Sample Translation

Correcting Proofs

Translation agency Trador provides a FREE correction of the proofs of our translations. This will prevent printer’s and hyphenation errors in the printed text.

Sample Translation

Contracting out a translation project is a matter of trust. Often you do not speak the language yourself. We are convinced of the quality that we can offer, but would be happy to convince you by means of a free sample translation.

The following conditions apply to a sample translation:

- It will be a short sample text (max. 200 words), which will be an excerpt of a larger text (min. 1000 words). 
- The 200-word free sample will only apply to a client’s first order.
- The client needs to be a registered company/organisation with a valid VAT number.

This sample will give you an idea of our quality. If you are satisfied, we will subtract the 200 words from the final word count. If you are not satisfied, it won’t have cost you anything.


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