Translation Services

Quality Process

Translation agency Trador provides all translations – sworn or not – into and from any language required.

a) You need to have one or more documents translated. You send these documents to us by post, fax or email. We prefer digital delivery as this allows us to build client-specific translation memories in order to:

- Guarantee consistency and the use of correct terminology
- Identify repetitions in the text or similarities with previous translations made for you, which will enable you to benefit from even more advantageous rates
It goes without saying that all documents that we receive will be treated as confidentially. See Confidentiality for more information.

b) We send our quotation within one business day and, if you agree, you send back the signed quotation by fax. We set to work straight away!
- Digital reference material, glossaries and/or previously translated documents: these are more then welcome to help us give you a perfect end product!

c) We identify a native speaker of the target language who specialises in the expertise in question. Upon translation, the text is submitted to two editing rounds:
1. The text is edited by a native speaker of the source language with a university degree in the target language and with an affinity for the expertise in question. This makes it possible to identify any errors of understanding or interpretation with respect to the source language.
2. Finally, the translation is proofread as an independent text.

This is how we guarantee quality.


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