Translation agency Trador BV always uses project prices. When calculating a project price we pay attention to the following elements:

* Source text delivery method: Digital delivery of the document to be translated almost always results in a lower price than a paper format delivery
* Preparation of terminology for the project (sector-related and customer-related)
* Translation by expert native speakers
* Revision – revising the translation’s content, spelling and grammatical correctness
* Final revision – assessing the translation as an independent text
* Updating glossaries
* Delivery (method) of the end products
* Delivery time
* Updating the client file with specific needs, details and technical requirements
* Strict confidentiality and security procedures

In principle we do not charge any urgency fees! In the event of unusually tight deadlines and weekend or evening (night) work, we are, however, sometimes forced to charge an urgency fee (which can vary from 20 to 50%). We do, however, try to avoid this wherever possible.
We always offer an introductory discount for a first-time order! Annual contracts also offer attractive discounts.

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