What is the difference between an apostille certification and an authentication, and when should they be used?

A sworn translation sometimes needs to be accompanied by an authentication or an apostille certification. An apostille certification or an authentication confirms the authenticity of the translator’s signature. The apostille needs to be issued by the court that holds the translator’s signature.


When do I need an apostille?

If a document has come from a country that has signed the apostille agreement, it will be accompanied by an apostille certification. Click here to find your country_information.


When do I need an authentication?

If the document has come from a country that has not signed the apostille agreement, it will need to be authenticated. In this case you will need to take the sworn translation to the following three organisations in the order as listed:
The county court that holds the translator’s signature, the Ministry of Justice and the Foreign Office.
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Authentication or apostille certification for diplomas issued by Dutch educational establishments can be requested from the IBG group in Groningen.


How many words does a translator translate per day?

A professional translator translates 1500 to 2000 words per day on average. This could be slightly more or less depending on the content or the amount of repetition in the text.


We often have a translation need for similar texts with almost identical paragraphs. Do we always have to pay for all of the words?

No. We build client-specific memories for your translations. One condition for this to be possible is a digital delivery of your texts. Whenever we translate a document for you, the memory grows and those parts of the text that have already been translated before will not need to be translated again and will therefore not be fully chargeable. The software we use for this will automatically enter the existing translation in the new text. As we cannot always blindly trust a computer, we will, however, still need to check the repeated parts of text and charge a small portion of our word rate for them. Besides saving translation costs, this also offers the advantage of a consistent terminology. This will prevent the use of different terms to indicate the same thing on packaging material, for example.


Why are some languages more expensive?

This has everything to do with supply and demand. The more common a language combination, the more attractive the rate will be.


Why does Translation agency Trador uses project prices?

Very often the number of translated words (target language count) is used to determine the costs for a translation. This might give you unpleasant surprises. We base our project prices on the source text (source language count), which enables us to immediately let you know how much a project will cost.


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