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Quality process

Step 1
You need to have one or more documents translated. Send it to us, preferably in digital format, so that we can create customer-specific memories in order to:

  • ensure consistency and the use of the correct terminology
  • filter out any repetitions in the text itself or text that corresponds to translations already created for you, so that the project price is often lower than by simply counting the number of words and multiplying by the price per word.

It goes without saying that all documents that we receive will be treated as extremely confidential.

Step 2
We send you our price quotation as soon as possible and, if you agree, you send us the signed quotation by e-mail or send us an e-mail with your agreement mentioning the order number and the agreed project price. Then we start working right away!

Digital reference materials, glossaries and/or previously translated documents are more than welcome to assist in achieving a perfect end result!

Step 3
We identify a native speaker of the target language who specialises in the particular area of expertise. After being translated, the text undergoes two editing rounds:

  1. The text is edited by a native speaker of the source language with a university degree in the target language and with an affinity for the particular area of expertise. In this way, possible errors in the understanding and interpretation of the source language can be eliminated.
  2. Finally, the translation is proofread as a standalone text.

This is how we guarantee quality.

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